Dennis Noland

Profile Updated: February 11, 2021
Dennis Noland
Spouse/Significant Other: debi lynn
Occupation: can.forces,correctional officer,surveyor, carpenter
Met any famous or interesting people? dan george
nicole and o.j.
lauren lee smith
p.m. harper
Military Service: army 6 field sqdrn. and 54 engineer sqdrn.  
Yes! Attending Reunion
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enjoy every moment

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alas. for fear of waxing poetic ad infinitum or ad nauseum i will keep it short and succinct.after leaving school i was a logger for 10 yrs,then a correctional officer for 20 then retired to work in a slaughter house which i said i would never do. oh well. ya gotta eat.then i was a machinist for imw compressors for a few years.i joined the army when i was 48 and now they are all that keeps the wolf from the door,as i was recently laid off due to the global recession we are thats it in a nutshell love ta see y'all. till next time then, ADIOS